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Welcome to TJJ Consultants


TJJ Consultants provides business recovery, growth, strategy planning and delivery to Start Up, SME and large Corporate organisations. We focus on working with you to ensure that you achieve the targets we help you to set for your business, whether that is a Start Up scenario, a Business Recovery situation, the next growth platform for your business or the long term strategy. We have extensive experience in starting, running, recovering and growing organisations in various market sectors, including multi-nationals. We also have proven experience of aquisiton, merging and selling businesses.


Why are we different? Because, over the years, we have been through all the situations you are going through and we have learnt how to move performance forward in many businesses. We have experienced very difficult business situations and this helps a great deal making tough decisions moving towards achievement of the plan. It is exciting to be helping organisations achieve plan in all situations. We can help with all aspects of business planning and strategy, implementing and delivering the strategy and managing ongoing performance. We also have extensive Project and Change Management experience to ensure everybody is onboard and involved.


We are very happy to meet up to hold discussions with you, analyse your requirements and carry out a Business Review to identify areas where we could help you to achieve plan.

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