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TJJ Consultants are focussed on helping Companies & Partnerships to review, develop, implement and deliver business growth and stability. Our Directors have demonstrable experience of running and growing business within large Corporates, SMEs and Start Ups.


We know how difficult it can be to achieve your busness targets or to understand why your business may not be performing to the levels you had planned. It is always difficult to acknowledge this situation and we know you will have reviewed, or will be in the process of reviewing, how to improve the performance and long term stability of your business, e.g. cost reduction, reorganisation, staff reduction. Howver, this can lead to the situation repeating itself in the near future. TJJ Consultants can help you to review your business and strategy and help you to achieve your target, within budget, before you consider spending more.


We specialise in working with Companies & Partnerships to deliver a wide range of business review, turnaround and growth solutions for organisations facing financial and/or performance challenges.  We will be delighted to carry out a full independent review of your Company's performance and structure to recognise quick fix as well as longer term strategies to enable your business to both stabilise quickly and produce future growth. We are a small but specialist company with a large range of Corporate, Commercial, Financial and Programme/Project Management experience.




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We can help with ...


  • Business Review and Strategy

  • Business Recovery

  • Growing Sales Potential

  • Profit Improvement

  • Financial Forecasting and Reporting

  • Reducing Cost

  • Change & Project Management

  • Operations

  • Interim Management

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Fund Raising